CF DISASTER 2021 Interview Sheet

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Completed By:(Required)

Business Identification

1. Are you an existing member of any of these organizations?
3. Business Address:(Required)
6. Contact Name:(Required)
8. Best Contact Method Currently:(Required)
9. Is your business identified as one or more of the following groups?
This question is important as it may lead to different funding opportunities.
13. Total number of employees at your business before floods?(Required)
Please specify your sector

15. Were you impacted by previous Disasters (Floods, Slides, Wildfires)?(Required)

16. Were you impacted by recent flood restrictions and closures?(Required)

21. We are aware that challenges like floods and wildfires can have an impact on businesses. Repeated challenges can compound for some individuals. Please consider the following by ranking from 1 (little impact) to 10 (heavy impact):(Required)


22. Have you laid off or terminated any employees post disaster?(Required)
Have Records of Employment (ROEs) been issued?(Required)


Source Deductions
Corporate or Personal

28. Have you filed a RC4288 to Revenue Canada?
29. Have you filed a Note with the Minister of Finace? Use etax portal.

Critical papers, business records and policies

30. Are your critical papers/records secure/backed up?
Do you need help to access?

31. Do you have business insurance?
32. Does your business insurance cover water, slide, fire, smoke damage losses?
33. Does your business insurance cover loss of income, inventory and/or interruption of business?
34. Do you have a strategic plan?
35. Do you have a budget or cash flow projection?
36. Do you have an emergency, contingency or recovery plan?

Distribution Channels and Supply Chain

37. Have you advised your customers to the status of your business?

38. Do you have a supplier, or wholesaler list to advise them of the status of your business?

39. Have you had challenges obtaining goods or supplies?

Financial Statements
Tax Returns – personal, business, corporate, GST, PST, Excise, other
Payroll Records
T4s from Previous Year
Business Plan
Cashflow Projections
Business Continuity Plan
Photos of the Business. May include Social Media posts and images (used to prove assets existed).

Documentation is critical - SAVE RECEIPTS!!

42. Do you have a GoFund Me set up?
Are you aware that fees are 20 – 25%+? And, that this is taxable income?

Follow up

43. We are working together to find funding and resources for businesses affected by the flood. Who can we Connect you with?


45. Will you share our contact info with others that you think may need help?

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