Disaster Preparedness & Recovery


In recent years, Western Canada has experienced several devastating disasters; some of which were at historical proportions. Research from the University of Calgary on climate change suggests that it will become the norm. From droughts, fires, and floods we can expect more frequency in the near future due to the world’s ever changing climate conditions.

No one wants to think of a disaster ever hitting but if it does would you not want to be prepared?

The reality is, disasters often strike with little to no warning and can have devastating effects.

Disasters can come in many forms and are not only becoming more frequent but also more devastating and costly. They may not be preventable, but you can take steps to minimize business disruption and any losses your business may potentially encounter during such an event.

All communities and businesses are potentially at risk to some form of natural or human caused threat or disaster situation. Disasters such as flooding or significant power outages caused by severe storms may be localized; other disasters such as earthquakes could have severe regional impacts all of which can directly affect your business.

Preparing for the unexpected; considering every possible disruption to day-to-day operations will contribute to the survival of a business. Planning for business disruption of any kind is crucial in order to have the best possible chance of recovery.


To help you navigate through the process, we have provided information, resources, and available local and provincial supports to assist small businesses in preparing for and recovering from a hazardous event.

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