Business Boot Camp

Business Training Boot Camp

Community Futures South Fraser
works closely with the local community members and agencies to aid in offering the most helpful workshops to those exploring business start-up, involved in business operation, and situated in social enterprises.

Business development counselling and planning sessions are offered to clents on an individual basis or in small groups. From time-to-time, other workshops or information sessions in the region will be posted on our website as well.


About Teresa Pippus

Teresa Pippus, dubbed The Queen of Heart, has trained and coached entrepreneurs for more than 14 years! And, she has owned four successful businesses within the hospitality industry. Teresa now uses her expertise as a consultant and trainer to help business owners and their staff discover amazing, authentic, and adventurous service to bring fun and genuine enthusiasm into the workplace so that organizations keep their employees or volunteers and deliver top-drawer customer service. She delivers marketing, customer service, goal setting and sales workshops. She is also known for her key-note addresses, and consultations to business, government, and non-profit organizations.

Get the kick-start training you need for a successful business launch or upgrade! Our trainers are specialists in their fields with countless years of business experience to bring to the table. Join other professionals and budding entrepreneurs in learning the essentials and beyond from our motivational leaders in this series of informative and engaging workshops

Half-day Workshop - $67.00
Full- Workshop - $97.00
Sales Workshop - $225.00
8 Day Package - $725.00

Topics Covered


Learn the basics of marketing and the importance of positioning. Start developing your marketing plan - a key to success

The Marketing training explores the many components needed to bring a business’ purpose and products to a customer’s awareness. This training covers the fundamentals of marketing and in the class we start working on your marketing plan. This workshop includes the following:

  • The importance of WHY and what people really buy
  • Perception – how DO you want to be perceived
  • Target Market – who is really your best customer
  • Customer Profile – do you know everything about your customer?
  • Positioning – what it means and how to decide
  • Benefits
  • Positioning statement
  • Competitive advantage
  • Tag Line
  • Goals
  • Ways to get customers
    • Marketing Tactics
  • Ways to keep customers
    • Customer Service
  • Action Plan

One 6-Hour Workshop


Effective networking is essential for today's entrepreneur. Learn how to start, build, and maintain strong connections that work for you and your business.

Customer Service

Great customer service - it's what people truly remember! Discover the ins and outs of how to make it happen for your business, and watch satisfaction soar.

Amazing, Authentic, Adventurous!

Remarkable customer service is more than a philosophy or a set of policies kept secret and sacred in a dusty, inflexible tome. Remarkable customer service is an experience, an attitude – and a commitment!

The type of customer service you deliver will define your organization…

  • Is your organization thriving and successful?
  • Do people want to go to work or buy things at…or trust information from…your organization?
  • Or, is yours just one more organization spinning its wheels to simply survive?

Thousands of companies worldwide (from Starbucks . . . to Nordstrom’s . . . to the single consultant) practice these same lessons that are in this workshop that are based on the successful experiences of the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market (Seattle), WestJet (Calgary), and Southwest Airlines (Dallas).

These businesses grow their customer and employee base and increase their customer and employee retention through these practices.


Sales training explores the complex process of initiating, developing, maintaining, and growing relationships with clients for the purpose of increasing business and creating dynamic, positive word of mouth. This training does not approach sales as a cookie cutter system. This training will include a sales personality assessment/analysis and will explore a business owner’s or sales person’s unique sales style. This analysis will help the business owner better understand their perception and tendencies of/in sales and will build the necessary foundation to best understand the customer.

It will also explore topics like maintaining and increasing credibility and influence throughout the sales process as well as developing awareness for customer perceptions and how to best manage them. This training uses will help a business owner or sales person use the positioning statement as well as features and benefits to develop solid confidence and credibility in all communication.

The training includes topics:

  • Credibility
  • Customer loyalty
  • Sales Style Analysis
  • Features and Benefits
  • Building rapport (relationship sales)
    • Attention Getters
    • Credibility statement
    • Agenda statement
  • Sales on the Phone
  • Referrals
  • Listening Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Learning Styles
  • Questioning Model
    • Handling Objections
  • General sales process walkthrough

15 Hours over 2.5 Days

Social Media + Websites

Websites, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, Google Maps, etc. This workshop will make it all clear and help you decide what will work for you and your business

Financial Management

Learn how to register your business, and gain an understanding of basic bookkeeping skills and financial reporting

Time Management + Goal Setting

Learn necessary skills to help you effectively manage your time and stay focused with a small or home-based business


Practical Workshops:

Self Employment Program
Business Plan Workshop
Market Research Workshop

Self Employment Program

Business Plan Workshop

Market Research Workshop